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Communicable Disease Prevention

In compliance with the Orders from the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Government, masks are recommended in all shared and public indoor spaces in the south Okanagan regional district. This applies to all Staff and Guests. We thank you for your cooperation and support in maintaining a safe and healthy environment. A communicable disease is an illness caused by infectious agents or its toxic product that can be transmitted in a workplace from one per to another. Examples of communicable disease that may circulate in a workplace include covid-19, norovirus, and seasonal influenza.

We have implemented the following safety and sanitation procedures and protocols to ensure we prevent the spread of any communicable diseases and keep our Winery, Staff and Guests safe and healthy. No employee or guest will be permitted on the property if they are ill, have recently travelled, or have been exposed to other persons with a possible communicable disease. The fundamental components of communicable disease prevention include both ongoing measures to always maintain and additional measures to be implemented as advised by Public Health.

Limiting the Number of People On Site

 Wine Shop Cleaning

Cleaning Materials

Cleaning Protocol

1. Washroom – The following surfaces need to be cleaned throughout the working day:

2. Hand washing

3. Hand Sanitizing please use soap when possible or use sanitizer. Also, please sanitize after:

4. Surfaces for disinfecting

After each Tasting

General procedures and things to remember throughout the day

Sickness Absences – What to do if you are feeling sick